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Ancient Midnight Shadows in reality is not a single pack, but rather the alliance of packs in total creating a super pack. While to outsiders Ancient Midnight Shadows is merely a rather large pack, the pack is broken down into sub groups or branches. Here you will find basic summery information on each pack and their function or purpose, for a detailed account on each pack though you can simple click the button links under each pack introduction.


Led by Lone Wolf, the BloodFang pack is situated in the wastelands themselves with only one pocket of any life and vegetation. The area well known as the Medical Den and Elemental Graveyard being their primary areas where they openly guard and patrol. Living in the harsh environment of the burnt forest and burning mountains, the Bloodfang's members are conditioned to the harsh environment and living conditions or else die in the process.

The Bloodfang functions as the teeth of the pack alliance, they are a warriors with the responsibilities of patrolling the entire Ancient Midnight Shadows territory, while also serving as escorts for other branch members to get around the territories outside their own. In addition they are charged with sending patrols outside of the valley territory to scout territory and lands beyond the known valley while also acting as the offensive and defensive pack for the alliance playing the main role in pack wars and dealing with outside packs or threats.



Led by Smasher, the R.I.O.T pack is the darkest and most mysterious pack within the Alliance holding the title of the most twisted pack proudly. These wolves enjoy torture and suffering thriving off of horror itself. The R.I.O.T pack is situated in the energy radiated section of the valley, a place where the lands are twisted with poison, and toxic ash a place where most wolves if exposed to long to the air would die from the poisons where as R.I.O.T members through twisted experiments can survive.

The R.I.O.Ts are the most devious and twisted pack to ever come to the valley. This pack enjoys torturing innocents and enemies alike, thankfully now somewhat limited on who their victims are due to the alliance though it does not prevent them from continuing their life style of experimenting, torture, rape and enslavement of outsiders. This pack is not for the faint at heart as their life style is obscene and graphic with no limits on what they will do.

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