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Here you will learn the history of the original Ancient Midnight Shadows, as well as the history behind the 3 sub branches that make up the new Ancient Midnight Pack. Each pack has its own unique history most of which are based on actual real time roleplay events that took place from the year 2010-2022 current day. This roleplay has been in motion since 2010, so yes, our characters and pack have legit history that has been roleplayed for the past decade. This page is here to help you better understand what has happened during the decade through the eyes of weary roleplayers and the characters themselves.



In the year 2010, a recently turned lone wolf named Angeni ventured out with her pups. Uncertain of what was to come, she had other relatives that she visited and considered allies during her distant time. Rather then continue wandering between packs she began forming negotiation between three of them. Finding a new territory, she began forming an alliance known as Ancient Midnight Shadows. The land itself was beautiful; rolling hills, mountains, forest and rivers an ideal place for this new alliance to form and settle. With the three packs aligned, they quickly began claiming territory within the valley as a place of peace without any hostiles currently in the valley they were able to thrive and live as such with Angeni caring for the area itself. However this peace could only last for so long, in time outsiders began to make their presence known some friendly and some challenging the peace that was strived toward. Bound in history, these times lead to grave mistakes for the AMS alliance leaving Angeni to make hard decisions. Shell they fight or shell they protect their own?


Lone Wolf

A few months after the founding of the pack, a new wolf soon came into contact with the group. A loner ironically by the name of "lone wolf." This wolf was battle hardened and paranoid but with time befriended Angeni, who welcomed him into the pack with open paws. It didn't take long for the wolf to soon meet the she alpha's daughter, a teenage winged-wolf named Ruby. The pair quickly created a friendship, a naïve, curious winged-wolf and the scarred, experienced loner. Weeks later the two found each other exploring the territory and its outlands together, though eventually things changed.


Threats such as Tanya (Angeni's Rival), Sabortooth (Lone's Feline Threat), and others soon moved to grander schemes targeting those that ventured out of the territory in attempts to attack their true targets. During these times, there was few within the alliance that could help, its members refusing to recognize the threat on their doorsteps and doing nothing to help their targeted members. Angeni, the leader to the alliance, seemed to grasp the reality especially the risk to her curious daughter as she strayed into dangers surrounding the pack. Attempting to keep her home and loved ones safe she fought alongside Lone and Ruby and for the next year they battled Tanya, who eventually disappeared. While Angeni was stuck with her pack to lead, Lone Wolf was relentless in his efforts to rid the pack of outside threats. These threats not only included Tanya but personal enemies such as Sabortooth and the Unamed band.



In the year 2011, while still dealing with skirmishes outside the pack territory, a new threat of far greater proportions emerged. The R.I.O.T pack. The caretaker/medic of Ancient Midnight Shadows known as Scorchleaf was targeted by an old enemy of her own. Before joining AMS, the female had once been a powerful and magical creature. Her past however seemed to approach as her enemies, which she hoped was lost, found her a year later. The pack itself was far more organized and stronger then AMS. Its members veterans, a pack that believed in violence, torture, rape and enslavement. The pack itself was evil and twisted breaking boundaries that should not be broken, so much so they had evolved past the point of mere wolves. The RIOTS soon caught up with Scorchleaf and the unfortunate female went through severe torment because of it.


With Lone Wolf trying to protect the pack and rid outside threats he was one of the first to venture forward to confront the new danger. Unlike the original threats however these wolves were far deadlier and tougher to battle. While lone wolf battled against the Riots soon other allies of Angeni where introduced including a medical wolf known as Dena, often aiding to Lone Wolf's injuries and provide shelter at her secluded den during these times. Becoming more aware to the threats outside the territory, it didn't long for Ruby to also get involved, desiring to help her pack member. However with her lack of experience and training she was caught and used in attempts to persuade Lone Wolf to join. However, Lone continued to fight against them, resulting in a war between himself, the AMS leader, Ruby, Scorchleaf and the RIOTS that lasted for years to come.


Being one of the major wars, each battle resulted in new scars and each time captured, new trauma from the torments the RIOTS inflicted on them.



2012-2015 the war was still in full swing, during this time frame the RIOTS remained the dominant threat, however other small groups returned or came into the wars. Sabortooth and his gang became more aggressive in their goals to kill lone wolf, while the Silvermoon join Sabor's battle to capture and kill lone wolf, other groups such as the Faceless, Death Breathers, Tanya and at the end of 2015 the Lycans joined the war. The odds were overwhelming, a few new friends did join with Angeni, lone wolf, Ruby and the others efforts to fend off the new threats, new comers such as Chaos, Toklo, Shadow, Blue, Razor, Sunny, Death Claw and an old friend of Dena's, Trevor

Roughly estimated at the start of 2016, another prominent pack rose to power from the outlands. This pack was known as Torture Frights, similar to the RIOTS these wolves enjoyed enslavement, sex, torture and violence. Though dangerous enough to be officially mentioned here with their own history mark. These wolves targeted Ruby and Lone Wolf. This pack as quick to make their mark on the lands acting swiftly and striking hard in large groups. With their tools, devices, and powers they managed to keep captives for months at a time in comparison to other groups. During the few captive times Lone Wolf found himself in a strange relation with a torture frights member, a female wolf known as Solar Flare (SF). The only member who could seem to survive in his cell without being killed. SF ultimately came close to breaking him during these times.

Torture Frights however was not without its own enemies, as after only a few short months another group showed themselves, The Elementals. Encountering Lone, two elemental pack members, Terra and Poseidon fought against him in a 1v2. Lone slimly won only to discover they had misunderstood each other  believing him to be a member of Torture Frights. Soon an alliance was formed waging war against the RIOTs and Torture Frights.


Overtime the war grew desperate, many wolves died and in the end the Elemental Pack soon were crushed under Torture Frights, however in a last surviving moments they managed to cave in the underground den system trapping the wolves alive underground whom are believe to still be trapped there, perhaps dead by now or surviving still on whatever ecosystem they built underground. From 2016-2017 the war waged but finally came to an end in the year span.



Much of the history that has been written so far is an extremely summarized tale not mentioning many of the smaller battles, groups and events that happened as there is simply to much to tell and write. As we continue however...

2017, most wars have ended, Tanya had disappeared, Torture Frights trapped, the RIOTS handling internal affairs. A sole survivor of the elemental pack was left, a young wolf named Aura, though a few months after the packs death went missing. The survivors of the war were few and scattering. The lycan threat still loomed and causing more damage to the rest. Angeni was soon lost to the Lycans missing with no information to what had occured, while Ruby spent years being brainwashed, tormented, and broken by them.


During 2018 things changed dramatically, everyone was dead or missing, the few left meeting such fates in time. Dena, the pacifist medical wolf, went missing along with Trevor, Toklo, Shadow and many others without warning, messaged or trace. By the end of 2018 the group of survivors was no more, each now on their own struggling to survive. Scorchleaf living either as a slave to the RIOTS or as a nomad. Lone Wolf continued to fight his battles relentless despite his own injuries and damage continued to fight against the entire world as a true lone wolf. It was he, himself, who single-handedly brought the RIOTs to their knees killing countless numbers of their pack eventually slaying their Alpha plunging the RIOTS into darkness, vanishing underground. During these times small battles between surviving groups were fought involving Lone, the Unamed, Death Breathers and Lycans despite so small numbers and territories.


Silent War

By 2018 in the aftermath of all the fight began a new war, one that did not involve really any physical violence, from 2018 to current day there were no more real wars, mostly small battles and the struggle for survival, for the most part very few battles were waged, the land and its few survivors were permanently scarred. This war is deemed the Silent War as it was more so a war against silence, isolation and loneliness, the most depressing time frame of this story for the characters and role-players and the roleplayer count plummeted in 2018 to 5 role-players vs the multiple 30+ it had. This was more so the dark age. Ruby was destroyed, a shell of who she was, left on her own after the Lycans disappearance, Angeni was presumed dead after months with no word, Scorchleaf missing assumed to be gone with the RIOTS retreat, and Lone Wolf spending 3 years on his own rarely encountering anyone to the point that the damage to his body and mind caught up to him, the scars along his body a reminder of his failure to be strong and protect his mate causing him to go mad in his loneliness and suffering.


The Ashes

In the year 2020, Lone Wolf, half insane, could take the silence no more. He ventured out into the lands searching for battles, going on to live with a human child for a small time while also fighting other surviving or new wolves he came across weather they were good or evil, eventually even finding Scorchleaf and inflicting his rage on his former pack mate harming them greatly until they managed to escape. In this time he spent his days roaming the lands consumed by his own insanity, dark powers and loneliness even going as far as doing the one thing thought impossible, resurrecting the long dead RIOT Alpha, Smasher whom he spent time with for a few weeks before he finally retired to his den for months struggling to survive and ultimately attempting suicide by starvation. Towards the end, he was brought to near death, lost to his thoughts of the past, and all those lost and sacrificed to the time. From some where within he gathered the strength to move his dying body, and try to move on. Weeks were spent scavenging half rotted carcass's while making a den in the former Torture Frights cell area for old captives.


In August of 2021, he emerged healthy and strong and with new purpose, a mission to find the remaining survivors, the last members of the old AMS pack and his former mate, Ruby. By Early September he found them and reunited them, to his horror Ruby was alive but no longer the same wolf he called a mate. Struggling to retain reality as her very mind was distorted from her damaged thoughts, seeming to even have lost some bits and pieces from her past, a completely different wolf. Also finding, Angeni who was lost to them, only recently having also been through traumatizing events leading her to desire seclusion as she tries to repair the damage done on her own. Continuing his goals and moving forewords he refused to let this stop his efforts instead continuing his search for others and soon reforming Ancient Midnight Shadows, the name of the Alliance that once held great value. An Alliance that would contain 2 new packs, and reluctantly the RIOTS led by his former rival Smasher, 3 packs in total to create a new Ancient Midnight Shadows

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