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The BloodFang pack is highly aggressive pack, while its members are not all overly aggressive, they maintain a constant state of readiness for violence, under the strict guidance of lone wolf with a Decade of combat experience, the pack takes a more aggressive stance towards outsiders, constantly on guard and on alert in order to be prepared for when conflict arises. The Bloodfangs are charged with the Defense of the entire territory while also tasked with performing offensive operations against enemy packs and lone wolves. In addition they perform standard patrols within the territory as well as scouting missions outside of the waste lands. Out of the 3 packs the Bloodfang pack holds the title of the most combat effective pack being the most lethal pack out of the three packs in times of war. They hold the most warriors out of all three being a warrior based pack while also containing the most experienced and trained individuals making the BloodFang pack the primary pack to deal with conflicts. The Bloodfangs are not twisted like the Riots pack or as demented as the evil pack, however they can be brutal at times, Omega wolves given little respect while more experienced and higher ranking members are given more respect, violence, loyalty, duty and a strong will is what makes this pack what it is.





The BloodFang pack existed once before many years ago in 2009, Once upon a time it had been the strongest pack in its region, in a landscape known as the ghost lands where the forest and terrain was shrouded in mist, the bones of fallen members and enemies alike littering the forest, a forest of death. This was their original home, the pack was extremely aggressive in claiming and defending its territory, however in time the surrounding packs formed alliances with each other to combat the Bloodfang pack, in the end 3 packs had teamed up together in order to bring down the Bloodfang Pack, not only to defeat them but to completely and utterly exterminate every single male, female and pup within the pack to end the Bloodfang pack once and for all. The only known survivor of this genocide extinction attack was Lone Wolf, to this day no other survivors have been found. Now almost 12 years later, lone wolf after reforming the Ancient Midnight Shadows pack as an alliance has also reformed the BloodFang Pack




Reapers are the deadliest members of bloodfang, as well as the most dangerous, experienced and lethal wolves living in the entire Wastelands. These wolves tend to act differently at times from most bloodfangs, paranoia, bi polar, some experiencing PTSD, or difficulty interacting with others. Reapers are set apart from the rest of the pack, their bodies scarred and bearing the Bloodfang crest burned into their very flesh while light spiked armor is fused to their body in a painful process that is rarely removed.


Average members are exactly that, they are average members who don't have any real respect or status, they are members of the pack who understand their duties and have passed basic examinations, they are defiantly skilled in comparison to other pack warriors however within the bloodfang ranks they have not made a name for themselves or had real experiences yet, they are still learning and working their way up the food chain and respect.


Elites are among the most gifted and skilled wolves within the Bloodfang pack. Elites are the highest stature a normal bloodfang member can earn, only the best can make it to this point. Not only do the elites hold the title of being the elites of the pack, they are each given a unique ability that was stolen from a fallen pack known as the "Death Breathers" This ability comes in the form of a cold blue flame which engulfs their eyes and their mouth only making them deadlier distinguishing them from other Bloodfangs.


New Bloods are the lowest in status, mainly Omegas and have not proven their worth yet or risen high enough to be considered an average member. Out of all the members in the pack, New Bloods have it the worst, as they are the last to eat and drink, if allowed. They are often used as bait, even cannon fodder if need be, their treatment can be harsh and the living conditions can be even worse, some not even being allowed in the dens for shelter. Being a New Blood is a test to prove your metal. Your either a weakling who will die as a New Blood, be removed from the pack, or you will rise up the status system and prove yourself worthy of the title Bloodfang.


Veteran wolves are Bloodfangs who have had experience in battle and time with the pack. They are highly skilled at hunting and patrolling, being well versed in the normal duties of a Bloodfang while also distinguishing themselves above average wolves, being a veteran means you have earned your place in this pack and demand a certain level of respect. These wolves while maybe not elite are no push overs, they are neither new to pack life nor are they of high status.


In order to become a New Blood, the requirements are virtually simple. You must have created your character, selected the Bloodfang pack as your requested pack to join, and had your character approved to join the roleplay by an admin/alpha.

Please be aware other ranks are to be earned through the permission of the alpha.

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